Guest Posts

If you have a burning desire to write a guest post for my website then that would be fantastic and much appreciated. I’m looking for articles of about 500 words where you write on an aspect of your MS. You might want to write about a single incident or how MS is affecting you in the long term.

If you have your own blog site or website then I will happily give that a mention in the biography.

I do have one simple request; make sure that you end your post on a positive note.

I look forward to hearing from you

My amazing Travelscoot and true independence

My amazing Travelscoot and true independence

Guest post written by Abgail Budd.  I finally accepted my need for wheels in 2014, six years after my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I’d been spending time with local people who also suffer from MS. I had struggled with 2 walking sticks but I would miss out on so much due to sheer exhaustion and […]