Road Tax

by Patrick Burke on April 16, 2012

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Do you pay road tax?

Road tax

Road tax

I am going to tell you that as a disabled person you can get car road tax at no cost.  It is a very easy process.  UK road tax disc can cost as much as £475 pounds and it has to be paid every year. Many people believe a car is essential, it allows you to be independent and it helps you to maintain a good quality of life.

Do you have a Blue Badge?

Do you own a car? Are you entitled to a blue badge? Do you have exemption from road tax for your car?

I have looked at the tax discs of lots of cars parked in disabled spaces at the local supermarket and I am always surprised at the number of cars that are paying the road tax. Its usually at least 75% , are you one of them? The amount you have paid is shown on the tax disc.

You receive the full disability allowance

A blue badge means that you are disabled and that you receive the full disability allowance. If you are a car owner you could be exempt from road tax. Click here to find out if you could be exempt

Disabled Car Tax Exemption Certificate

I am no longer allowed to drive because of multiple sclerosis so I am totally dependent upon my wife and other people taking me to places that are beyond the range of my mobility scooter. In order to receive physiotherapy from the local MS clinic I have to be taken by car. When I play bridge I am totally reliant upon other people giving me lifts. Public transport is no use in either of these cases

Tax your car using your disabled tax exemption certificate

If you look at the government website for taxing a vehicle there is a section for disabled people and it states ‘Tax your car using your disabled tax exemption certificate ‘. If you would like to go to that page of the internet click here It explains requirements to get a free tax disc for you car.

This is another opportunity for a disabled person to save money. No one has ever sat me down and said that as a disabled person there are several ways that you can save money. All the tips that are shown on this website I have discovered for myself, please take advantage of them. Look on my website page Help and Advice. Now place the cursor over ‘Help and Advice’ menu tab, a sub menu is shown, take your pick. ‘Products Used Outside’ > ‘Travel & Savings’ has tips and help for  easy ways that you can save money.

Did you know

Road tax used to be known as Vehicle Excise Duty but almost no one uses this term any more.

The tax is now based on gas emissions and not the cc of the engine unless the car was registered before 1 March 2001.

Velology is the study and collection of tax discs.

Did you spot that there was no charge for the Polo road tax certificate shown above?

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