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I have had some articles published in Multiple Sclerosis magazines.  They are talking about setting up the website, me, how I cope with disability and the disease. It is essential that I retain my independence and make sure that my quality of life continues to be as good as possible.

There are certain things that I must not do or even think about. I am not allowed to drive, my peripheral vision is very poor so my independence has been affected. Secondly I have had to change my expectations, for example I cannot walk very far, obviously this has affected my quality of life but I always try to think of the glass as being half full rather than being half empty

These articles will give you some idea about me and what is important to me over and above my independence and quality of life. I hope you enjoy reading them

  • June 2012 An article about how the website came about. I also discuss my plans to turn it into a success and what is it that gets me out of bed in the morning. MSRC 2012 06
  • March 2012, now my MS had reached the stage where I can no longer continue to work as a freelance computer contractor, my last piece of work finished in January 2012, a month later the website aid4disabled was launched. This is an article in the magazine Talking Point, the West Herts MS Society news latter  Talking Point 2012 03
  • September 2011, I discuss Leki poles and how they help me with walking and balance.  This article was published in New Pathways, the MSRC magazine MSRC New Pathways 2011 Sept
  • August 2011, My disability was making it harder and harder to get around, I could no longer pretend that MS was a mild inconvenience. I talk about the different challenges that I am now having to face. MS Matters July 2011 MS Matters July 2011


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