Scapegoat: Why We Are Failing Disabled People

In the book Scapegoat: Why We Are Failing Disabled People, the journalist Katharine Quarmby argues that

Scapegoat, why we are failing the disabled people

Scapegoat, why we are failing the disabled people

Western culture “has a serious and pernicious problem with disability hate crime”.

  • Why are Western cultures failing the disabled?
  • Why is there sustained, and often fatal, abuse of a disabled person?
  • It is worse than bullying, what is it that allows us to treat the disabled as unequal citizens?
  • Katherine Quarmby examines the disturbing increase in violence against disabled people in modern Britain.

Katharine Quarmby looks behind the headlines to trace the history of disability and our discomfort with disabled people. Quarmby also charts the modern disability rights movement from the veterans of WW2 and Vietnam to those still fighting for independent living, the end of segregation, and equal rights

This book tackles some of the issues surrounding disability hate crime that the criminal justice system seem to be ignoring or missing. It shows how people are getting away with this crime and that the people who suffer from it suffer on a regular basis which the police fail to recognise.

Kathertine Quarmby is a campaigning journalist and an award-winning film-maker, as well as an associate editor at Prospect magazine. She has worked as a producer on Panorama, Newsnight, and news edited Disability Now.

Comments by some of the readers

  • A brilliant book by one of the UK’s foremost investigative journalists exploring the pernicious impact of disability hate crime
  • Used this book to provide training sessions to nurses, social workers and care staff
  • Scapegoat is a non-fiction book concerning attitudes towards people with disabilities and why we are failing them

I heard about this book through The Independent.  I do think it qualifies as a book to be read while relaxing on the beach but it strikes me that it tackled a subject head-on that is all too frequently swept under the carpet.

Buy a copy of Scapegoat: Why We Are Failing Disabled People now, a book that exposes a fault in our ‘cultured society’

Read the review in the Independent here.

A reflcction in August 2013

I have re-read this story some 7 months after publishing it. It strikes me that it is even more important that we must learn to harness the skills of the disabled and not cast them aside. Society cannot afford to alienate them. First of all though we must get our own house into order. The facilities for the disabled need to be brought up to the same standard as countries like Holland or Switzerland where  every single station has a lift. Not only does this help the disabled but this helps other parts of society such as an elderly person taking a heavy suitcase onto the trains or a woman with a buggy and children.

Read my story about Hatfield station to understand what I am talking about. I still shudder at the ineptitude of the MS Society.

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