Disabled passengers in Darlington sue bus firm Arriva

Disabled passengers sue bus firm Arriva

Disabled people in North East England are being denied access to the buses. They are taking  Arriva buses to court because a number of passengers are claiming that the buses failed to stop upon request. Seven disabled people also claim wheelchair users have been refused access to some buses where there was already a pushchair on board.

Ann Dodsworth, 60, who has multiple sclerosis, said she had been left feeling “embarrassed and humiliated” by Arriva’s drivers. Passengers claim that the driver will say, ‘sorry there’s a pushchair on’. and then wait for the other passengers behind me to get on, they let them on and we are left waiting.”

Arriva issued a statement in response to the claims, stating: “We are satisfied that we comply with the current guidelines with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act.

“It is disappointing to hear that some customers may not have experienced the level of service we expect. We will of course continue to investigate any individual concerns and deal with them in an appropriate manner.”

It also said the opportunity for a wheelchair user to travel may depend on other passengers and how full the vehicle is.

The case continues.

Arriva run many of the buses in the Dacorum area. If any of you have had problems with Arriva buses then please let me know. You can leave a comment below or rate the article,

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10 responses to “Disabled passengers in Darlington sue bus firm Arriva”

  1. Arriva are getting a telling off with Durham county canical team leader to tell them off for what thay did to me on of there drivers try to stop me traveling and getting on the bus with there services and thay have not been handling my complants and comments with them all because of the darlington. Manager and he needs sacking he broke the law he blockt me sow I coud not complan to custmer services head office are getting told off by Durham transport and make sure it dos not happen agin sorry to complain I need them to get to places and travel on the bus I need them for safty and sort it out in a fear way with respect to let me travel on the bus with complants need to be sorted out with respect and take all comments on and complants and ideas two how to make the service better to use with them

  2. Patrick says:

    On a different topic but the same culprit. I was talking to a blind woman today. She lives in Hemel Hempstead, has a blind guide dog, and when she gets on a bus she asks the driver if it is going to such and such a place. The driver does not grunt , say yes or no, instead he nods or shakes his head – no use what so ever to a blind person.

    Arriva bus drivers must learn to speak!

  3. Michael says:

    Yes I see your point also, sorry if I came across as abit abrupt. The point I’m trying to make is in my own experiences there is some nice polite and genuinely understanding drivers on the busses, Saying that I’ve been drove past once or twice when they’ve known I wanted on. I guess what I’m trying to say is I think it’s a small number of drivers causing the problams. And in my eyes it would of been a better solution to approach Arriva and say this is the problem lets work on it together. In my eyes sueing the company is not the solution. But we’ll have to see how it turns out and hopefully things will improve for everyone.

  4. Samantha says:

    Michael I think you have mistaken my point. I fully agree with you “why should a mother and child freeze”. I am a disabled wheelchair dependant mother ad no I should not freeze anymore than any other able bodies mother an child. The point is there are signs on these buses asking for the spaces to be made available for wheelchair users, a pushchair can be folded up and placed in the designated area however its not so easy with a wheelchair. I think it is an all round problem with both parents and the bus company. I will just stick to using my car or spending out on taxis for reliability and to save me from feeling like an awkward nuisance.

  5. Patrick says:

    Are these buses single or double decker buses? What are the buses allowed to carry with regard to wheelchairs and buggies. I will try to find the ruling, Arriva buses are used in Dacorum, I will contact the local HQ and let you know.

  6. Michael says:

    Dear god what has this world come too? I have been using busses in darlington for around 5 years now and I’ve never had a problam, if there’s a pushchair already onboard it’s obvious I can’t get on? Why should a mother and child freeze because I can’t wait for the next bus? They 9/10 offer the ramp, always help with my pass. I think some people want to just be thankful to be alive.

  7. Samantha Keenan says:

    I today was refused access on the number 4 arriva bus at 17.30 as although the bus was not overly busy tree was a pushchair onboard. I find it so sad that just because I am wheelchair dependant I have to wait with my daughter in the cold. I rarely use the buses so was most frustrated that the first time I do I am denied access.

    • Patrick says:

      I have used London buses, much more helpful. Arriva seem to have a bee in their bonnet and it causes more problems than it solves. There was one occasion when a bus did not stop for me. I had my disability scooter and the bus was a single decker so I would have needed help from the driver. Made me cross as does your comment


  8. Arriva try to bang me off the buses for complaining alos thay are refusing to take my comments and complants in a respect way that I feel and that have not sending me iny feedback with respond on. My complants and that put the phone down when I phone them up to complain and that won’t help me with times on my journey to get some where and thay won’t treat me with respect and I hat to change bus Compneys becase thay where not letting me on the bus service x2 from Newcastle to Durham I have got the dates down and thay drive past me thay have done and I told. Durham passanger transport about them and thay sead what arrriva north east are doing is a legal matter what thay have done to me all becase of the darlington manager 15/8/2012 and the Durham manager sead to me stop complaing and thay made me tell my care worker is not alowed to do my complants a legal matter I got told by the team leader that works for County Durham transport I have to complan my self and have my on log when I complan and also my questions and ideas with arrivs and confrrt and safety with them needs to be sorted out and my complants and comments as weal to take on board with my complant that my complants are getting worse becase thay are not taking them thay have not told me anything for 5 mounths all most 6 with no feedback with complants and thay are not responding me eather on my phone calls and messages I sent them a letter in December 20 and I have told the county canical about them thay are mad with them as weal can you give me a phone call please 07890654148 I have got 5 mounts with complants that have not been sorted our answers Arriva ingnore me when I complan about them can answer me please as soon a posable please I have been stwadad as weal

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