Dragon’s Den Interview

Hemel Gazette

Hemel Gazette

Several weeks after the presentation of the Dragon’s Den certificates a journalist from the local paper contacted me. He wanted to conduct a Dragon’s Den interview so he could write an article about me in the local paper, the Hemel Gazette. We met in the Berkhamsted Brasserie Blanc and talked for about an hour. No that’s not quite right, I talked and occasionally he interrupted me.




The award, £1,000 investment in aid4disabled, gave me a genuine belief in the website and its aims. The whole thing kicked off from a casual comment about Tripadvisor in June 2011. I am very passionate about access for disabled people, this has given me a new life. I have completely closed the door on my previous career and created something totally different for myself.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

OK I’ve set up the website, its getting known, none the less it is a very slow progress. Where do I see the whole thing going? Over the last few weeks I’ve realised that I can talk to people and keep their attention. None the less I do need to identify the exact niche in the local area that I’m going to fill. It’s going to be a long haul and hard work to generate a decent income from the website. So far my earnings as an Amazon affiliate are less than £30.

expertise on disabilities and MS


Multiple Sclerosis

Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis in the World

The Dragons said that I should concentrate my efforts on developing my expertise on disabilities, MS and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). I’m finding myself gravitating towards that area. I am going to investigate the accessibility of Berkhamsted for the disabled. I’m sure it will be interesting to see what is inaccessible for people who have to use a wheelchair.

Read the article Gazette 31 Oct 2012 here

I would like to thank David Tooley and the Hemel Gazette for allowing me to print this article.

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