Employ physically disabled people

Have you ever thought about employing a disabled person? I’m thinking of people with a physical disability. Read this and think about it.


Employ physically disabled people (1)

Employ physically disabled people

It is such a tiny word, only 8 letters but it is a huge word when it comes to giving it a definition or meaning.  Too many people immediately think that a disabled person must be in a wheel chair. WRONG there are literally millions of people with a disability. Just stop for a moment. Think how many people you know with a disability. Why not employ physically disabled people? A disability is not a handicap to employment.

Employ physically disabled people?

The disability could have been acquired during the life of the person. Take for example multiple sclerosis, Crones disease, type 2 diabetes, depression or irritable bowel syndrome. Often these are called Long Term Conditions and are incurable.

The person might be born with a disability such as a cleft palate, dyslexia, club foot, spina bifida or haemophilia

Not everyone will admit to being disabled. Many people fear admitting they have a disability. They are frightened that they will then find it more difficult to be employed.

Wait a minute

Here are some facts about disabled people who are employed. They are less likely to change employer. The increase in staff retention will save money on recruitment costs as well as other costs linked to a high staff turnover.  Just because a person is disabled the employer will not need to install a disabled toilet. Nor a lift will not be necessary. The access needs will depend upon the disability.

More ideas

Further reasons to employ disabled people include higher productivity rates and attendance records than their non-disabled colleagues. Let’s also add improved workforce morale and increased customer goodwill.

More details

Please refer to

Could he be visuallli impaired?

Could he be visuallly impaired?


Many people with a disability are not able to work a full 35 hour week. There are plenty of people who do not have a disability and choose not to work in a full time job.

The level of competition in employment is extremely high. Too many people see a disability as a barrier to being employed. This is especially the case with people who have acquired the disability during their life.

Go the extra mile

Will you employ a disabled person? It really is not as complicated as people think and it could easily be beneficial to your company.

Think about it. Why not start the ball rolling. Google the phrase ‘employ a disabled person in ………..’. That will give you ideas. Now implement them.

If you would like to know more then please contact me or visit my website www.aid4disabled.com.

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