London Access App for the disabled

London access app to assist the disabled

London access app. Intuitive icons.

The London Access App is available on an iphone and gives disabled people independence and consequently a better quality of life. It can be used by a person with either physical or sensory disabilities or  even both.  Families using a buggy or the elderly will also find this app useful.

The app was written by a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.  Daniel Biddle lost both his legs, spleen and left eye now he has to use a wheelchair.  After he had recovered he noticed that there is a lack of useful information for disabled people in a wheelchair.

The app was created with the help of Mr Biddle’s friend Tobi Collett, she is very keen to see disabled people have equal rights and access to buildings etc.

The app has several key features.

  • It does not require an internet connection, it can be used while travelling on the London underground, it works by using location-based technology to pinpoint where a user is.
  • Instead of using a keyboard to enter information intuitive icons and simple terminology are displayed. This makes it very easy to use.
  • You can call a selected location directly from within the app without having to dial the number
  • You can build up a list of favourite locations, this avoids having toi search evry time you want to view the information
  • At present the London Acces App only works on an Apple’s iOS device.  The plan is to create versions for Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone
  • The plan is to develop similar programs for other cities across the UK
QR code London Access App

QR code London Access App

This app differs from other related apps on the market, including Parking Mobility and Toilet Map, because it is not limited to specific tasks such as where to find a disabled parking bay or an accessible public lavatory.

Instead  it offers a wide range of access information covering everything from bingo halls to the Wembley Arena.

“A directory of accessible places is a very useful tool. 40% of disabled people that we surveyed reported they’d had difficulties using shops and services in the past year,” said Guy Parckar, the organisation’s campaigns manager.

“Technology can be great for improving independence and we hope this allows the disabled to decide what they want to do, and just go out and do it.” said Mr Biddle.

Click here to read more on the website about the London Access App.

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