Men’s Talking Wrist Watch

Men's Talking Wrist Watch

Men’s Talking Wrist Watch

Just recently I was out with a group of blind people3 and I asked one of them the time. Instead of reading the time from their wrist watch they listened to their wrist watch. When a button is pressed the time is said, in other words its a Men’s Talking Wrist Watch. Pressing the other button and the date is spoken. Perfectly obvious if you stop to think about it

  • Men’s Talking Atomic Wrist Watch speaks the time and date in a clear voice
  • Professionally recorded by the Royal National Institute For Blind People (RNIB)
  • Incorporating an easy to read dial designed by the RNIB
  • Capable of receiving an atomic signal once a day to ensure the date and time are correct
  • White watch face with black hands black numbers all housed in a smart, silver-grey case,
  • Each day the radio control feature receives a radio signal which sets the time and date automatically
  • The Wrist Watchhas an alarm and an optional, hourly announcement, which when activated, speaks the time on the hour, every hour

This  Wrist Watch is the easy to use, easy to see and easy to hear. It gives you independence. It has a classic, simple and elegant appearance.

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