MIS416 A New Drug For Secondary Progressive MS

MIS416 a new drug for Secondary Progressive MS. It stimulates a range of responses in the immune system and it is being tested to find out if it is an effective treatment for SPMS. The drug is based on teenage acne bacteria; it can fill an adolescent with anxiety over a face full of blemishes. MIS416 is a new experimental medication in Phase 2B clinical trial studies for SPMS.

MIS416 A New Drug For Secondary Progressive MS

MIS416 A New Drug For Secondary Progressive MS?

It is a microparticle derived from bacteria, combined with two immune-modifying molecules. It acts to stimulate a specific range of responses in the immune system.

MS is damage to the myelin sheath

If you have SPMS then the myelin sheath protecting the nerve fibers inside the CNS is damaged by a likely combination of both autoimmune and neuro degenerative processes

  • This triggers inflammatory pathology that causes further damage
  • In early disease, myelin is fully or partially repaired
  • Over time, scar-like plaque builds up around damaged axons inhibiting repair

Take a look at the video

Here is a video of two MS sufferers who have received MIS416

Phase 2B Study

The drug is being tested for its ‘Safety and Efficacy’. Presently recruitment is underway in Australia and New Zealand. Click on Australian arm of the trial to find out more information

Almost 100 patients will be part of a trial to test the drug’s effectiveness in treating the more advanced form of MS. MIS416 is given by weekly infusion. It was shown that symptoms in patients treated in earlier studies have been reduced. Researchers believe a single dose can reduce MS disease severity and regular doses will continue the improvement. The results of this trial are expected in Autumn 2016.

What is MIS416

This bit is for the medical geeks of this world. MIS416 is a highly purified microparticle derived from the naturally occurring bacteria P. acnes

  • MIS416 reliably, safely, and uniquely targets myeloid cells
  • MIS416 targeted myeloid cells: – Increase in number – switch activity from pathogenic to reparative – traffic into the CNS (past the blood brain barrier) MIS416 2.0 x 0.5 micron rod shaped microparticle Introducing MIS416 – a MYELOID targeting immune modulator
  • The targeted cells have an anti-inflammatory effect inside the CNS and have also been shown to: – support myelin repair by clearing myelin debris – secrete important tropic factors that can directly promote neuronal survival and axon regeneration

What conclusion?

There is still a long way to go before this drug could be prescribed to SPMS sufferers and it does not work for everyone. This trial and MS Smart trial seem to be the only possibilities on the horizon at the moment for people with SPMS who do not have any relapses.

8 responses to “MIS416 A New Drug For Secondary Progressive MS”

  1. John Cowburn says:

    I would have thought you would have seen this but just in case or for anyone else, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRRgsx7idGY&google_comment_id=z12icxwy4ojqx1zt5220ijs5hla4c1trc04

    • Hello John,

      For an MS sufferer it is powerful stuff but these are peopple with very advanced MS. As I said earlier my consultant was a bit dismissive.

      To find out about the latest in MS it is worth following the blog http://multiple-sclerosis-research.blogspot.com/ Some of it does go right over my head but there is an awful lot of very useful information. I guess it is the go-to site for many people in the MS worls, patients, MS nurse and clinicians

  2. John Cowburn says:

    Patrick, I notice you are undergoing the MS Smart trial, does it worry you that you could be receiving the placebo or if the drug is seen to be working after a certain time, and you are on a placebo, are you offered the chance to move over to the drug?


    • Hello John,

      Obviously no one wants to be on the placbo, me included. They do say that just being on a drugs trial and on a placebo can be benficial!. Placebos can have a complex effect upon a person. They have been shown to be almost as powerful as the real thing. Its only at the end of the trial that you have a chance to try the real drug if trial is deemed to have been successful. In this case a 25% chance of being on a placebo. I’m allocated an unknown drug on Thursday.


      • John Cowburn says:

        Hi Patrick, what do you think are the chances of MIS416 becoming available in the UK?

        • Hello John,

          There is quite a long way to go. There needs to be a randomised double blind phase III trial then it has to be accepted by EDA, FDA and finally NICE. My consultant was a bit dismissive and inferred that it would be several years, maybe as long as 10. My advise would be to emigrate to NZ but that is a big gamble

          • John Cowburn says:

            What a shame! Was thinking I might get a chance to try it, but at 10 years it will be far too late for me, I’d be 79 and quite frankly I think I’ll be lucky to make it that far!

            My consultant’s the same with anything I mention, sits there with his big Gold fountain pen and expensive shirts and is obviously in hock to Big Pharma!!!

          • I know how long these processes can take. A phase III trial can take over 3 years if drug is being tested for 2 years. Add to that getting approval, producing results, submissions of final papers etc etc. MS smart is being quite clever, evaluating 3 different drugs at once and then the best going onto phase III. I’m on trial for 2 years. Easy but frustrating to see where all the time goes

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