National Theatre, Terrace Bar & Restaurant

A party of us went up to the Royal National Theatre on the South Bank by Waterloo Bridge to see the Alan Bennett play ‘The People’ starring Frances de la Tour. We agreed to meet in the Terrace Bar & Restaurant for a meal before the performance. There were eight of us and we had all known each other for years.

We met up in the bar which is a part of the restaurant. The party in the bar area included some friends who were not going to the show but this did not seem to create problems for the restaurant staff. Also adding two more to the party for eating at the restaurant was not a problem either. So it all got off to an excellent start.

The menu was tapas style, the helpings are small so two people would select 5 dishes off the menu between them. I thought it was a good selection from the menu about 5 fish dishes, 5 meat dishes, 8 vegetable dishes.

I had calamari and a shepherds pie made with lambs tongue and a friend and myself shared the fried zucchini. What ended up happening was that we all had a bit of each others food. The deep fried cod cheek were excellent as was the steak tartare.There was a selection of about 5 deserts, I had a marzipan based desert, I’m a sucker for something slightly sweet.

The restaurant was full and I thought the service was good. With wine but no coffee the bill was about £35 per head. I do not think that is too expensive, if you remove the cost of the wine the bill comes to about £27 per head.

The design of the interior is an acquired taste. Rather than clad the concrete walls and pillars in a smooth finish the rough texture has been painted white. I think this effective and adds to the atmosphere.

As a disabled person there was no secure place to leave my mobility scooter when I went into the circle of the Lyttelton theatre and it is not step free. The only fully accessible spaces are in the stalls.


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