Parallel London sponsored walk

Parallel London sponsored walk

Sponsored walk with Parallel London

I’ve just completed the 1 km Parallel London sponsored walk and raised over £1300. The walk was the easy bit. There was a place to start, I had my Rollator, the route was marked out and there was a finish. The journey to arrive was the nightmare.

I set my alarm for 8 o’clock on Sunday morning. I got up and as usual it took me an hour to put on my FES and get dressed. Stumbled downstairs ate breakfast, drank coffee.

Everything going to plan

The Wife and I set the satnav and left at ten, bang on time. We were aiming for the Westfield car park by Olympic Park and it was all going according to plan. All on schedule, the car park was insight. Suddenly there were officials who had closed the road and were redirecting the traffic away from the carpark.

Satnav was now very busy recompiling new routes. Stationery traffic or traffic cones were blocking so many routes. Time was slipping away. Suddenly there was no spare time. Needed  time to think up plan B. The Wife parked up then got The Trike and my Rollator out of the car. I could ride The Trike and wheel my Rollator to the start. She would park the car and follow on foot.

Parallel London sponsored walk

Look – standing with no hands

I just had to ask people to tell me exactly where to go to find the start. I could see some runners

Just in time

I arrived at the start line as the race started so no time for photos. As if by magic my daughter appeared. The plan was always to meet her there 15 minutes before the start.

“Where have you been? You are late. The walk has started” she exclaimed.

“I know, I know” I shouted back.

“It’s a long story. Ride The Trike and follow me” I barked.

So I managed to start the walk on time. After 10 minutes The Wife caught up with us after parking the car.

Parallel London sponsored walk

All along the route there were people clapping and shouting encouragement. The atmosphere was exhilarating. There were people doing the walk of all ages and abilities and disabilities. Some people were walking, some people wheeling themselves on wheelchairs and other people being pushed.

Parallel London sponsored walk (1).JPG

My number

At the finish

I encouraged a man who had obviously had a severe brain injury. I don’t think I will forget the smile on his face for a long time.

The walk only took me 46 minutes, much quicker than I had anticipated. When I crossed the finish I could not have walked another step.

Afterwards we retired to Westfield, ate pizzas and I had a large glass of red wine. Luckily The Wife had remembered where she had parked the car otherwise we might still be looking for it.

That night

I went to bed early, I was very tired. Next morning my thigh muscles ached. Also I felt as if I had gone through a mincing machine, definitely an MS hangover.

Even so I felt good, it was definitely worth doing. Next year, let’s wait and see. Next up is the MS society walk but no sponsoring.

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  1. Bernard Gorman says:

    Great news, well done Patrick

  2. Vee says:

    Well done Patrick! Great achievement

  3. Judy says:

    Well done!!!!!!

  4. Jane Ambrose says:

    Very Well Done!

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