Perching Stool with Arm Rests and Padded Back


Aidapt Perching Stool

As my multiple sclerosis progresses so more and more equipment is scattered about the house. At the moment I am the proud owner of two rollators, a mobility scooter, a two-wheeled walker, double banisters on the stairs and a wet room. OK I share the wet room with The Wife but it is a necessity because of my poor balance. Now we are adding a perching stool with arm rests and a padded back

Perching Stool with Arm Rests and Padded Back

I am finding it harder and harder to stand upright  for more than a few minutes and I end up slouching. A further problem is that my feet feel sore quite quickly. Even just standing on my feet is an effort. I hoped the perching stool would answer my problems in the kitchen

This problem did not happen overnight

This problem has developed over the last year and is much worse when I am tired. I have found standing up a footsore and tiring activity for longer than I care to remember. The time had come to find a workable solution to the problem so I contacted my OT in Hemel Hempstead and explained the problem and what I wanted.


I knew what I was going to get before it arrived. It certainly makes life for me a whole lot easier. The stool is high enough for me to use in the kitchen. It is also ideal for doing the washing up. Its easy to keep the seat clean, Its stable and height adjustable. What is there not to like about it?


I don’t dislike it but its not my favourite item either. The problem in the kitchen is quite simple. Each job has its own place so I must move the stool for each job. In the kitchen I use a stool on wheels, it is immensely practical

Moving the perching stoll can be tedious and also I’m liable to fall over when moving it. Yes I’m accident prone.

New Use

I now use this stool to sit on when I do the ironing. Yes I iron my own clothes. Joking aside, it has definitely found its place in the house and the big seat is a big help. It does not need to be moved around because I can do everything sitting in the same place.

Click HERE to find out more about the Perching Stool with Arm Rests and Padded Back

The Wife

She says that it looks too functional. She even goes so far as to say that it does not blend into our stylishly but very untidy kitchen so now it lives with the ironing. Yes, it is a good idea and vert practical but you do need to think carefully where it is going to be used.

November 2016

2 responses to “Perching Stool with Arm Rests and Padded Back”

  1. John Cowburn says:

    I’m the same, standing up at the kitchen worktop is hard going, I usually end up looking as though my back has broken as I bend so low over the worktop, I then realise what I look like and straighten myself up by leaning my hips against the worktop edge and working sideways. I also purchased a high stool but it’s not ideal as when I sit on it my legs stop me getting close enough to the worktop.
    But I keep going as I love to make curries and bake cakes!!!

    • Hello John,

      Exactally the same with me. I do not rate the perching stool for reasons given, very frustrating. I am getting a Bambach perching stool on a 30 day trial, saw it advertised in an MS Society magazine. I am getting it on a 30 day trial. In an initial i hour test it looks as if it ticks all the boxes. I will review sometime in December.

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