Product Reviews

Make the impossible possible


Lets make the impossible possible.

These product reviews will help to make the impossible possible. Here are product reviews for people who might have a physically disablity. Everyone wants more independence and a less stressful life. I hope the products review will offer you the chance easier life, a better quality of life. Help to make the impossible possible. It is very difficult to find a website that lists and reviews day-to-day items unless it is a mobility shop. If it is a mobility shop the descriptions tend to be very brief. So this is a slightly random sample of products that can improve your quality of life.

Product reviews

It can be difficult to find products that help people who are not totally disabled. They need need something to make their life just that little bit easier. You might have poor balance, double vision, poor sight or a weak grip. You did not know that these items existed. I hope there will be something to help you open doors to a happier life. It is about making your easier life or making the impossible possible.

Opening doors

There is a huge range of items and it is growing. You might already know about but some but I am sure others will be new. Go and have a look. See what is available to make your quality of life better. See the choices available for you. You can buy these items now.

In case you are wondering

I have not personally tried out every item. I have had reports from friends on some items, others seem like a no-brainer, they have got to be useful. Finally there are those that look interesting but I have not tried.

I am an affiliate with Amazon.  This means that every product you buy through my website earns me a small commission, about 5%, but this is at no extra coat to you. I’m not going to get rich, in 2016 I earned about £ 280

Inside the house

Products for use inside the home. Some are very obvious others less obvious but turn out to be incredibly useful. You might not have known that some of these items even existed.

I have included a section on games because playing games has many important functions. It is a social activity, it helps to keep the mind active and it improves your quality of life.

Outside the house

Products for use outside the home. Getting outside and doing some gardening, or getting help with travel and help with Mobility.

Sports Venues & Museum reviews

Looks at ease of access to places of interest such as theatres, museums and sports arenas. This is opening doors to new areas of interest.

If you have a particular product that you think will help other disabled people then I would love to hear from you! The same applies to sports venues or museums

Just send an email to Patrick or use the Contact Us tab. I look forward to finding out your thoughts and ideas.