Regional Driving Assessment Centre

Regional Driving Assessment Centre

Regional Driving Assessment Centre

The Regional Driving Assessment Centre has been in existence since 1998. It is one of 17 driving assessment centres throughout the country. It is an accredited member of the Forum of Mobility Centres.  The Regional Driving Assessment Centre helps over 1500 people a year. Most of whom are able to return to driving or start driving for the first time.

Regional Driving Assessment Centre

They want to help older and disabled people achieve a better quality of life. Help them to maintain or regain independent mobility as drivers, passengers, scooter or wheelchair users. Their primary function is driving assessment. They can also offer practical advice on adaptations and tuition if required.


The RDAC provide a number of different assessments. Some are free and there is a charge for others. The range covers nearly all the different types of vehicles that it is possible to drive. Driving instructors and or Occupational Therapists will carry out the assessments. They provide a free assessment through the Motability Leasing Scheme.

You are not tested instead you are provided with a confidential assessment of your ability to drive safely. If you have a full or provisional driving licence, this assessment is for you. If you do not have a driving licence then please contact the RDAC as they may be able to offer an off road assessment.

How can the RDAC help you?

The centre can offer a confidential assessment of your ability to continue driving. It will help you to try out adaptations that you could have fitted to your car. Numerous clients with MS continue to drive for many years with proper advice and necessary adaptations.

Some MS symptoms that can affect a person’s driving

Many people who suffer MS do continue driving. The symptoms are diverse but there are one or two hoops that you must jump through when diagnosed

  • Sensory (touch) problems such as numbness or tingling hands and feet
  • Blurred or double vision, or a temporary loss of sight caused by optic neuritis
  • Fatigue – an overwhelming sense of tiredness making physical or mental activity difficult
  • Loss of muscle strength and dexterity problems with walking, balance and coordination
  • Muscle stiffness and spasms, tightening or rigidity in particular muscle groups
  • Difficulty with memory and thinking

Assessment Centres

There are a total of 8 assessment centres, they are seven based in the Midlands and one is based is in Hull.

Do not be confused

RDAC may also refer to:

  • Digital Potentiometer, also known as a Resistive Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • Radioactinium abbreviated RdAc, a name given at one time to 227 Th, an isotope of thorium
  • Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, a community arts center in New York City
  • Redundant Disk Array Controller, a type of computing hardware
  • Roller Derby Association of Canada

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