Richoux, Picadilly

Richoux Picadilly

Meg, one of my daughter’s and myself went to the Royal Academy in London to see the Manet exhibition. Before going in we thought we ought to get a bite to eat. Opposite are two places, Fortnum & Masons and Richoux both in Picadilly. Meg said ‘lets go to Richloux’, she had been there before when she worked at The Carlton Club but that was several years ago.

Disabled toilets?

No problem getting in with my mobility scooter. The waitress removed the chair from the table, obviously she thought I would stay on my scooter to eat – no way but at least she realised I was disabled. A few minutes later I asked for the loo. She pointed me down stairs, I though nothing of it. Well it was all very cramped, the entrance to the gents is very narrow and no space once inside.

Richoux Picadilly, inside view

I got back to the table and mentioned the circumstances to Meg. ‘Didn’t you ask for a disabled loo?’ she said. ‘Never crossed my mind’, I replied. A few minutes later I asked the waitress if there is a disabled loo on the ground floor. She said there is nothing available.

I was not indignant, horrified or aghast but very surprised.  I am lucky, I can manage a small flight of steps but I know one or two disabled people who cannot manage stairs. There was no sign saying that the loos are down a narrow flight of stairs or that there is no disabled loo. OK it is over 100 years old but is that a sufficient excuse?

That aside it was worth a visit, lovely quiet atmosphere and no complaints about food or service. I did think it a wee bit expensive, guess I’m a country boy who is not used to London prices.

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