Help Patrick to walk one kilometre

Sponsor me to walk one kilometre

I am doing a sponsored walk

Can you walk 1000 metres? It’s not a big deal is it? You might think nothing of nipping upstairs to brush your teeth. What about putting the rubbish bins outside each week? Maybe you need to pop to the shop and buy some cheese. You might do a bit of sport or even go to the gym.

Just stop for a moment

Patrick can’t do any of these things because he has progressive MS.

Instead why not sponsor Patrick to walk one kilometre.

The money raised will be for the Chilterns MS Therapy Centre. The walk will be on Sunday 3rd September at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Now for the crunch, the walk will probably take Patrick about 45 minutes. The last sponsored walk also 1 km took Patrick about 45 minutes.

Sponsor me to walk one kilometre


Don’t feel sorry for Patrick

I’m 62, have a lot of grey hair and I have MS but I still enjoy life.

Think of the people in the prime of their lives. In their mid-20’s to 30’s and they are suddenly diagnosed with MS. It can be a real game changer.

MS is a very cruel disease

For too many people with MS it is an enormous elephant in the room.

First off the disease is different for everyone.

Secondly it is a progressive disease; the symptoms keep getting worse, making life increasingly more difficult. MS has physical and mental effects and often there are hidden disabilities as well.

Why sponsor Patrick

The Chilterns MS Therapy Centre is a gem in the Chilterns, England. The centre provides advice and care to people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their families. It was setup over 30 years ago. It has a great future and every pound you raise will allow it to help people with MS.

Goals of Chilterns MS Therapy Centre

It helps over 330 people each week. These people gain greater control over their MS so that they continue to lead happy and healthy lives. It provides comprehensive and holistic care such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, oxygen therapy, acupuncture and massage.

So many members love the social aspect of coming to the Centre as well, having a chat whilst enjoying tea and a piece of cake from the Centenary Café.

Sponsor Patrick to walk one kilometre

Sponsor me to walk one kilometre


There are three parts to the deal

  1. Sponsor Patrick for as little or as much as you can afford.
  2. He will walk one kilometre, it will take him about 45 minutes on Sunday 3rd September.
  3. Your money will be used by the Chilterns MS Therapy Centre to help people with multiple sclerosis.

The target is a minimum of £1000. Please help me to achieve that goal so the Chilterns MS Therapy Centre can continue its outstanding work so please sponsor Patrick. The more I raise so there is more pressure on me to complete the entire distance on foot and not to sneak a lift on my Travelscoot.

July 2017

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