Sunday 16th June 2016

Sunday 16th June 2016

The wetroom

The weeks just roll on one after the other and they seem to pass in the blink of an eye. Almost the longest day of the year and it seems to have crept up unannounced. It’s not just one week morphing into the next it’s one month morphing into the next.

The time only passes quickly when I’m busy. Just at the moment I never have an empty day in my diary. This last week has seen me helping out twice with nursing interviews as a service user. Another day I was giving a talk on living with a progressive disability. It’s not good in case you are interested..

Without a shadow of a doubt the highlight was the christening of the wet room and I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Builders are notorious for underestimating how long a job will take. The original estimate was 2 weeks and the job wold be done. I thought this was a bit optimistic and reckoned it would take 4 weeks from start to finish. About to start the 14th week. Drill a few more holes, wield a screw driver and drink a few more cups of tea. The last job will be to remove the rubbish from the garden, goodness knows what that will reveal.

The excitement of the christening was closely followed by the 7th MS Research day. For this one the focus was very much on Progressive MS. When something can be done for the likes of me then I will be too old for the NHS to think of treating me.

Amidst all this excitement one thing has definitely fallen by the wayside. Exercise just has not happened. This is coming from someone who promotes the importance of exercise. I’m not idle. I have been pottering in the garden, going up and down the stairs, cooking and keeping the kitchen clan and tidy

The last job is a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge. Somehow getting out with my rollator and doing some planned walking just is not happening. I must get rid of my guilty conscience. Stop all the displacement activities and procrastination. Stop putting things off until tomorrow. Its an hour a day four times a week. Not much in the grand scheme of things. I will tell you next week.


5 responses to “Sunday 16th June 2016”

  1. John Cowburn says:

    I know what you mean but the guy has over 7,000 followers and Google gives him a lot of kudos in Search. He doesn’t just do video, he tends to do one video per day and then 4 or 5 short posts in-between. To get a good following you need to be posting at least once per day.

    • John Cowburn says:

      In the previous post, I meant to say: “to get a lot of followers who make comments, you need to post once per day or else they lose interest”

      • Hello John,

        I don’t think I could do a blog a day but increasing the frequency is an option. Subject matter and writing skills are also important. I will give it a bit of thought


  2. John Cowburn says:

    Hi Patrick

    You mentioned not having found another MS diary website, here’s one:
    He’s a guy up in Lancaster, I know him well and we meet up occasionally for a coffee and chat. He also has website similar to the FB page.

    • Hello John,

      Interesting guy but not too sure I have the patience to listen to a 30 – 40 minute video. I think it is terribly important to keep it short. Two minute video or a 400 word blog. If you can’t say it in that then it becomes a bit of a self-indulgent ramble.

      Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, guess that’s the way I am.


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