I give talks and presentations Some are on living with long term physical disabilities specifically MS. I also give presentations about me, my life typically to groups like the U3A.

Patrck Burke, speaker

Patrck Burke, speaker

MS Talks

I have suffered  from the disease since about 1972 so I should have enough knowledge and experience to talk about it by now. My presentations on MS include

  1. How does this disease affect you mentally and physically
  2. What is available to make life easier
  3. Current knowledge and information about the disease multiple sclerosis
  4. Importance of Vitamin D
  5. The strategies that I have developed so I can cope with progressive physical disability.

At the moment there is no known cure for MS. There is treatment  available if you have Relapsing and Remitting MS. It slows down the progress. It might even be a cure, who knows?

What other potential drug modifying therapies are available? If you have Primary Progressive MS or Secondary Progressive MS then drugs are being trialled right now. At the moment there is no drug modifying therapy available.

I was on the ASCEND trial for Secondary Progressive MS; Tysabri is being tested to see if it reduces the rate of progression. My advice to you is watch this space. Things are moving forward very quickly. I syated the MS-SMART trial in January 2016, Results might be published in Autumn 2018.

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If you would like me to give a presentation about MS or a subject that interest me then please get in touch. Send an email to Patrick, phone him on 07947 024691  or use the Contact Me tab.