The Lighthouse Restaurant, Aldeburgh

The Lighthouse Restaurant Aldeburgh

It was worth a second visit

At the end of November a group us rented a house in Aldeburgh, it was next door to the Lighthouse Restaurant. We stayed in Aldeburgh town centre for a long weekend and visited the Lighthouse restaurant twice, once to check it out and the second time because it was worth a revisit.

There was a good selection of dishes

The atmosphere in the restaurant was friendly and dress code were definitely casual, a seaside bistro maybe even a brasserie. There were two menus, the official a la carte and a ‘prix fixe’ small menu and of course the black-board with dishes of the day. All in all there was a very good selection of dishes. We all opted for the ‘prix fixe’ one, not because we were short on cash but usually this menu represents good value for money.

Whilst the food was not cordon-bleu standard, it was perfectly cooked, the helpings were generous and flavour was excellent. We all ate all of the food, sending back empty plates, that is always a good sign.

Off-season chilly November

The service was faultless and we never had to wait too long. Mind you we were there in off-season chilly November nonetheless  the restaurant was over half full on a Friday evening. On the Sunday it was emptier but there was still enough people for it not to feel deserted. Apart from our group I think everyone there were regulars, always a good sign.

We didn’t explore the wine list, just took the house offering, there was nothing wrong with it. Let me add that I do not have a discerning palate.

Facilities for the disabled

As a disabled person you would have issues, getting in and out of the restaurant would not be a problem. To get to the toilets you would have to walk up three or four steps. None of them were big steps and not consecutive as in a flight of stairs but there they were. I could not see a disabled toilet though I did not ask. I could cope because I can walk a short distance with a stick. If you use a wheelchair I would recommend phoning them beforehand, 01728 453377 or contacting them through

There is a cinema in Aldeburgh, the Lighthouse restaurant offers pre and post menus for cinema goers and suppers during the Snape Maltings performances. The restaurant appears in the Michelin guide, it says that booking is essential, I can believe this in the summer.

Walks along the coast

The Scallop, Aldeburgh beach

I liked Aldeburgh, but its probably a tourist trap during the summer. We were there at the end of November, on two days the sky was a beautiful blue but the wind blew straight of the North Sea so it was bracing. On one sunny day we walked North to Thorpness, once a private fantasy holiday village. On the other good day the walk was South towards Slaughden and the Martello tower. It is the only surviving building of the fishing village of Slaughden. On both walks we found suitable terraine for my mobility scooter a Travelscoot,. Being East Anglia there weer no hills but be warned some parts of the path can be very pebbly.

Have you been to Aldeburgh, did you like it? Write in with your thoughts.

Have you eaten at The Lighthouse Restaurant, tell me if I made it sound better than your recollection.

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