Wake ‘n’ shake alarm clock

The Wake ‘n’ Shake Alarm Clock will wake you up.

Wake and shake alarm clock

Wake and shake alarm clock

It is a very effective alarm clock, particularly those who visually impaired and or have poor hearing. The vibrating pad is particularly useful.

The alarm uses loud sound, strobe light or a vibrating pad in various combinations.

The clock has a very large digital display The design is easy to see and and those with poor eyesight will find it easy to read the time.

It can also can be set up to alert you when your telephone is ringing.

The buttons & controls are easy to use.

It has a large LCD display with a large vibrating shaker and an extra bright strobe alarm/telephone with four options.

Technical Details

  • Vibrating shaker
  • Extra bright strobe alarm
  • 1471 button
  • Tone dialling
  • Last number redial
  • Latchable mute
  • Time break recall
  • Ringer ON/OFF
  • PABX compatible

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