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The disabled are not ignored at the Annual grass court tennis championship at Wimbledon.  If you enjoy sport then going to watch the tennis will be a great day out.  It will give you a feeling of independence.  Being outdoors with other people will surely improve your quality of life even if only for the day.

The demand for tickets is very high

Usually you apply for tickets through a postal ballot. I have not thought of ever going to Wimbledon because I must use a wheelchair and I have double vision, I suppose this is rather selfish of me. The double vision is the main problem, the more tired I get the more pronounced it becomes.

Its not that I cannot see the action it is more a case of not seeing it well enough to be able to describe what I’m seeing to some one else. It also seems to be getting worse. Sometimes when I am typing I see two keyboards but the two images are almost superimposed. I suppose I ought to learn to touch type but that is another story.

If I keep changing what I’m looking at and the focal distance in each case is significantly different then I get some relief but it is temporary.

I haven’t been to Wimbledon since the 80’s

A neighbour and her sister camp overnight to queue for tickets They see the mens quarter finals every year. I’d like to think I could do it but I’m only kidding myself.

I thought that I would look into finding out how easy it is to get tickets.

Every year since 1924 there has been a ballot for tickets

The demand is very high and you cannot guarantee the date. Obviously the ballot for the 2012 championships has closed.

Next year’s championships, in 2013, the applications must be made between 1 Aug sand 15th Dec, these then go into a ballot and it is drawn in February. A disabled person in a wheelchair goes into a different ballot from the able people but both are oversubscribed.

It is possible for a disabled person to get ground passes by queueing up overnight then in the morning it is a mad scramble to get standing tickets for the main courts.

There are tickets for court 3 through Ticket Master but I have no idea if there are any available and what they would cost.

Wimbledon is accessible for the disabled

I would suggest that you read the following web page.  It will give you some basic information as well as details about tickets for next year.

Do read details on the website buying tickets and ballot information

6 responses to “Wimbledon”

  1. Maxine Cooper says:

    When will the disabled ballot be available for 2020.

  2. David druce says:

    How do I apply for disabled tickets for 2014 and otherwise how do I get tickets

    • Patrick says:

      There is a ballot for disabled tickets. You need to keep an eye on the website for the ballot details. I think it is from late summer and through Autumn.
      Don’t hold your breath, always far more applicants than seats available, especially so for 2014 cos of Andy M

  3. GED says:

    Yes, we are off to the Wimbledon queue yet again first thing tomorrow – hoping it’s not too wet and soggy! Come on Andy!

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