Welcome to aid4disabled

Welcome to Aid4disabled

 Its all about life or the ups, downs and falls

Opening Doors to Reviews, Blogs, Solutions and Thoughts

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  • Articles and news on the problems of living in the here and now with a disability called MS. Click here
  • Read about incidents in my life.  Click here  I’m trying to be normal but invariably I fail.

 My Story


Just to Let You Know

I try very hard to not to find things too difficult. I will always give things a go, maybe thats why this website exists

There are plenty of other blogs out there. Some are funnier than this one 🙂 some are not as funny 🙁 some might even make you want to slit your throat 🙁 🙁 and finally there is this one 🙂 🙂 . I want it to be a positive experience with short snappy blogs that are positive

Please don’t be disappointed. I have plenty of grey hairs and I’m quite new to the idea of social media and websites. I used to be a computer geek but it was all green screen stuff. Many many moons ago I failed English Literature ‘O’ level and only just passed my English Language ‘O’ level. Its really obvious. Nonetheless I hope this website will help you now, later today, tomorrow or maybe next week.

Black no sugar

I drink weak black tea and I do not put milk into my coffee. Incidentally I also failed Latin ‘O’ Level but so what. Aid4disabled is all about my journey with MS since medical retirement