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Thats me, Patrick

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Why do I do it?

My website Aid4disabled is a way of dealing with my multiple sclerosis plus I enjoy the discipline of writing something creative. Its my story of living with MS and also what is available to make life that little bit easier.

I hope my idiosyncratic posts help you to smile, chuckle or even think WOW! Perhaps I might have found something that gives me a better quality of life. I don’t want to change the world but maybe I can help you.

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Each blog is about 500 words long. Nothing terribly complicated but something I think is interesting so it really only takes a few minutes to read. my recent blog posts are shown on the right.

A little sin

I am an Amazon associate. There are so many items I have found that make my life so much easier and a lot of them are available through Amazon but you can buy them else where. If you buy anything on Amazon via my website then I receive a very small commission but it does not increase the cost to you at all. A few years ago I thought it might be a bit of an earner but I was being a bit naïve.

Patrick laughing in a video

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March 2020