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Thats me, Patrick

Each week, or thereabouts, I write a blog post for the website. Here is your chance to have it delivered as an email to your ‘in-box’. Now ypu won’t need to check the website for my latest blog-post. Instead just fill in your details to start the ball rolling. Incidentally it is free and there are no adverts.

Oh yes I include a music clip from Youtube in the email. Its always my choice but I do try not to be too predictable.

Why do I do it?

The website Aid4disabled is my way of dealing with my multiple sclerosis plus I enjoy the discipline of writing something creative. Its my story of living with MS and also what is around to make life that little bit easier.

I hope my idiosyncratic posts help you to smile, chuckle or even think WOW! Perhaps I might have found something that gives you a better quality of life. I don’t want to change the world but maybe I can help you.

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Each blog is about 500 words long. Nothing terribly complicated  ut something I think is interesting so it really only takes a few minutes read. Sometimes I include a little video. It might be when I am talking about things that have recently happened to me or some other event.

A little sin

I am an Amazon associate. There are so many items I have found that make my life so much easier and a lot of them are available through Amazon but you can buy them else where If you buy anything on Amazon via my website then I receive a small commission but it does not increase the cost to you at all. A few years ago I thought it might be a bit of an earner but I was being a bit naive.

Top 10 tips for survival in the kitchen

When you start the free email subscription you will receive an article giving my top 10 tips for survival in the kitchen as well as two special recipes. Each recipe is for two people and can be cooked in under 30 minutes. This ain’t working at the moment, irksome problems with Windows 365

Patrick laughing in a video

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March 2020