Chillow Pillow

The Chillow Pillow is a cooling pad insert for your pillow that brings cooling relief throughout the night.

Chillow pillow

Chillow pillow

A Chillow Pillow is especially effective to ease you into a good night’s sleep! It is a cooling pad and only two centimetres thick. No power is used and the Chillow Pillow is allergy free. It reduces the amount you perspire or sweat at night.

Some advantages

Chillow is invaluable for people who suffer from hot flushes, fevers, night sweats, headaches, eczema, sunburn, muscle or joint pain, sporting injuries and many other conditions. Chillow is recognised by the migraine action association, the acne resource centre and many NHS oncology units throughout the UK. It does not need refrigeration and is always cool not cold, dry not wet, soft not hard.

Far too many people do not sleep well at night

  • Do you always have a good night’s sleep?
  • How much do you spend on sleeping aids and remedies?
  • How often do you wake up in the morning feeling as if you have not slept well?
  • Multiple Sclerosis reduces my sleep and a Chillow Pillow helps me.

Always ready for use

The Chillow® is activated only once by simply filling it with water. The water is fully absorbed into the patented foam core. Once activated it will keep on working, so it’s always ready for use when ever you need it. The cooling and soothing effect of the Chillow® seems to slow both the mental and physiological aspect of the body. Some even report a tranquillizing effect. Buy a Soothsoft Chillow Pillow now.

Washing a Chillow Pillow

Fill a large sink or with lukewarm water and a small amount of the gentle detergent. Now just submerge the pillow and squeeze gently to move the cleaning solution through the foam. Now rinse the pillow several times until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze to remove the water – no wringing!

Product features

  • Uses a unique cooling pad
  • Gives you a lasting, cool and comforting sensation
  • Helps to give you a superior sleep
  • Allergy free
  • It is light, so it can be taken abroad when traveling in hotter climates
  • Doesn’t need refrigeration
  • Always cool not cold, dry not wet and soft not hard

I was a bit sceptical at first. I put it inside the pillow cover and it does stop me from sweating when sleeping in bed. It does not need refrigation. I also feel very refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Customer comments

  • Don’t know how it works – but it does.
  • I bought this pillow when friends recommended they had bought one as they were going through the hot restless nights and this pillow helped them have a better cooler nights sleep.
  • This chillow pillow has proved to be invaluable for me as I get night sweats and have problems sleeping. After two nights of using this chillow my sleep pattern is unbroken.
  • I now sleep better at night avoiding hot sweats. Worth every penny. Bought one for my son as a result.

Buy a Soothsoft Chillow Pillow now. It really does help you to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

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