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Hello, I’m Patrick and I have advanced multiple sclerosis. It comes with many disabilities, some you can see and many you can’t. MS has taught me how to have graceful falls but there have been a few bumps and bruises while I learnt. This website is about my life with multiple sclerosis

Its all about the ups, downs and graceful falls

So I am medically retired but hey who cares?  I’m always busy and will give things a go, perhaps that’s why this website exists. I present a weekly show on our local community radio station. I give talks to nursing students and I talk about the problems of living with MS.

Aid4disabled for blogs and reviews

There are plenty of other blogs out there. Some are funnier than this one 🙂 some are not as funny 🙁 some might even make you want to slit your throat 🙁 🙁 and finally there is this one 🙂 🙂 . I want this website to be a positive experience with short snappy blogs.

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Please don’t be disappointed. I have plenty of grey hairs and bags of enthusiasm; some misplaced. I used to be a computer geek but it was all green screen stuff in those days. Many many moons ago I really struggled to string a written sentence down on paper but I just scraped a pass in English Literature ‘O’ level and English Language ‘O’ level. After science ‘A’ levels I went to Aberdeen University where I was usually in the bar.

I hope you enjoy this website, its my medical retirement project. Maybe my stories will help you now, later today, tomorrow or maybe even next week.

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Black no sugar

I drink weak black tea, no milk in my coffee and I don’t add sugar to either. Incidentally I failed Latin ‘O’ Level but so what. Aid4disabled is all about my journey with MS since medical retirement in 2012.