Bike Phone Holder For A Smartphone

Bike Phone Holder For A Smartphone

Smaart phone in its holder

This clever device is designed for use on bicycles. The good news is that it also fits onto my Travelscoot. I’m sure it will fit onto any other mobility scooter and probably onto electric wheel chairs as well. The Bike Phone Holder for smart phones is really useful for people who use mobility devices and want ready access to their phone when on the road. It is easy to use even with one hand

Bike Phone Holder For A Smartphone

The spring loaded clamp will hold any mobile phone that is less than 9 cm wide. Typically it will take an Samsung A5. Just fit the phone into the handlebar clamp and pull the stretchy elastic holder over the corners to make the phone extra secure. For me the big advantage is that you do not need any tools to fit the holder onto my mobility scooter.

Fits my Travelscoot

I use this device on my Travelscoot trike. Even someone like me who is riddled with multiple sclerosis managed to fit the clamp and the spring loaded holder onto the handlebars. It is now so simple to load the phone into the holder.

Bike Phone Holder For A Smartphone

The handlebar clamp on Travelscoot

The phone is now securely held and it is safe over any terrain that a mobility scooter is going to encounter.

Access the phone

The main use for me is when I am using The Trike in London or where ever I happen to be and need to use Google maps. If someone phones me up it is very to answer the phone and also I can easily see any messages. The need to stop and extract the phone from a pocket is now over.

If you are feeling ingenious you could fit a roadcam to the holder. The holder can swivel through 360 degrees on the ball and socket style clamp. There is an easy to access nut to tightened so everything is secure and does not move.

Advantage for me

For me the big advantage is that my phone is available for use when I am on my mobility scooter. No more stopping to extract it from a pocket to read a message or check my route on Google Maps.

The Bike Phone Holder is a big help to me on a mobility scooter. Could it help you? Take a look and judge for your self.

Incidentally the customer service for the bike phone holder is very good

March 2017

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  1. Fantastic. I’ve been looking for this!

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