I Have Been Living with Multiple Sclerosis Since 1972

It all started in 1972 when I went for a pee and nothing happened. I have been living with multiple sclerosis since 1972. In 1979 I was 25 when my bladder involuntarily emptied itself.  I’m sure MS would not have been diagnosed in those days.

I was officially diagnosed with Relapsing Remiting MS in 1994

The cause was double vision. Six years after my diagnosis of RRMS my MS evolved into Secondary Progressive MS. tHATY WAs in 2000. It was a gradual change and it was now affecting all of me. I took medical retirement in January 2012 It was then that I started the website and blogging. I have been living with multiple sclerosis since 1972

The glass is half full

 This is my story

This section is about me, Patrick Burke. My life, climbing up a mountain, surfing on a wave.  No chance now but back in the day…. There is no red book, no prizes but I am alive. I hope you ENJOY.

MS Articles

This tells how MS can change people’s lives and its impact upon people. The blogs provide an insight into living with MS.

Patrick’s blog

Patrick’s Blog gives you some idea of what my life is like. It’s a personal blog. Stories of my own life recording the ups and downs of living with MS.

ASCEND trial

I participated in the ASCEND trial, a 2 year phase 3 trial using Tysabri for people with secondary progressive MS. The aim of the trial was to find out if Tysabri could reduce progression of MS. The trial was not a success however the #ThinkHand program  by the Barts MS group grew out of this trial.

MS-SMART trial

In December 2015 I started on the MS-SMART trial. This clinical trial will test the effectiveness of 3 different existing drugs at slowing down disease progression. The drugs in the trial are Fluoxetine, Riluzole and Amiloride. This is a phase II trial.


In December 2014 I replaced my Musmate and orthosis with an FES, functional electrical stimulation. An FES is a device that sends an electrical impulse to a nerve  that is not stimulated by the brain. The MS damages myelin on the spinal cord and because of the damage no message will stimulate the muscle. An external device provides the stimulation.

Contact me

If you would like to talk to me about any of these subjects, please send an email to Patrick, use the Contact Us tab or give me a ring on 07947 024691.