The Wife and I flew to Barcelona from Luton airport

The Wife and I flew to Barcelona from Luton airport

Building site at Luton airport, this is a pretty picture

When I am going on holiday I start at point A, have my holiday at point B then return to point A at the end of the holiday. In this case it was a five day city break in Barcelona. The Wife and I flew to Barcelona from Luton airport. What can I say about Barcelona? It is in Spain, a beautiful city, so much to see and it is blessed with so many great restaurants.

Some places we visited

The Sagrada Famila, it has to be seen to be believed. The exhibition of Picasso pictures in the Museu Picasso is outstanding. Casa Ballto is an extraordinary building in the city centre designed by Gaudi. We explored numerous other places but those stick out in my memory.

The Wife and I flew to Barcelona from Luton airport

Casa Battlo, Barcelona designed by Gaudi

Such a wonderful holiday

It had to have an anti-climax in it somewhere. In our case it was Luton airport. I have been there frequently both as an abled bodied person on business trips and as a disabled person with limited mobility. On every occasion the visit has been marginally less enjoyable than the previous one.

I have now made my final visit

How can people design a place that is now so truly awful? What must tourists think who are coming to this country for the first time? It takes a person with a unique and rare intelligence to make a place so inhospitable.

I am quite sure Kim Jong-un was involved as a consultant in the design. The basic idea is to remove as much money from the traveller as possible while offering nothing comfortable in exchange. The place is a complete shambles.

The Wife and I flew to Barcelona from Luton airport

We live close to Luton so the obvious way there is by car. When the vehicle leaves the drop off area there is a £3 charge for the first ten minutes and this increases by £1 for each extra minute. I spotted a sign saying that unattended cars will be removed, this must be a joke. I could not see a drop off point for the disabled but the map on the internet does indicate one.

Incidentally the pick-up point is the same as the drop-off point.

They even have the cheek to charge you £1 for a trolley which is not refundable. My daughter, who drove us there, inserted 3 one pound coins and still did not get a trolley. Naturally there was no one to complain to.

It is a big building site

There is no signs, you just follow the person in front and hope they know where they are going. The assembly points for people with limited mobility are in cold draughty corners of the airport where it is impossible to buy fodder.

The ultimate insult

The plane landed on time but it took over 55 minutes from when the plane landed to the luggage arriving on the carousel. By this time I know the aeroplane would have left; I had seen the passengers getting onto the plane for its next flight as I left for passport control.

Such a shame

Five lovely days at Barcelona were ruined by Luton airport. It shows complete contempt for its passengers which it treats like cattle. What happened to customer service? I will go to Barcelona again but never through Luton airport.

May 2017

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  1. John Cowburn says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Nothing to do with your Post – but are you still driving your car? I was, up until this evening, I t-boned a van pulling out of the road where I live! Saw the van but couldn’t make my feet work quick enough to make the stop! So that’s it, another step down in the MS journey!!!! John

    • Hello John,

      Double vision and poor peripheral vision put an end to my driving exploits in 2005. In truth I was not upset. Much more important, I hope you are OK, just shaken and nothing worse. My MS progress seems to be going a bit quicker all of a sudden. Its a constant learning curve.

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