Fund out about me and what I do

Find out about Patrick Burke


I am Patrick Burke and here you can find out about me and what I do. Multiple sclerosis is the elephant in my room. It was diagnosed in 1995 though I believe it started when I was 18 in 1972. Some of you had probably not even been born.I’m lucky it did not start to seriously affect until I was over 50 years old

Find out about Patrick Burke

I am a positive person even though I have plenty of grey hairs. I do my utmost to stop the disease controlling my life. The phrase ‘use it or lose it’ is essential for me. This is even more important now as I see my energy and capabilities being diminished by this disease.

Huge change to my life

I was medically retired in January 2012. I should have seen it coming but I was blind to the inevitable. It was a life changing and life challenging event. It had a colossal impact on me. Much more than I anticipated.

  • I realised that I can give presentations, something I never did during my working life. So I talk to student nurses and anyone else on life with a Long Term Condition Its my journey with multiple sclerosis.
  • I started this website in February 2012.  The inspiration was the realization that Tripadvisor never told me the number of steps between the dining area and the loo. This was important because the MS was starting to make walking difficult for me. Copying Tripadvisor was a step to far so I ended up with this.
  • The website reviews a wide range of products that improve my quality of life. For more information you need to go to the menu tab ‘Product Reviews’
  • I write a regular blog about my journey with MS. This website is also my story of the ups, downs and falls of ‘Living with MS’

What do I do?

I give presentations to people. I tell them what it is like to have a progressive physical disability. Something that is affecting more and more people.

I represent a patient when universities conduct interviews when selecting people who want to be a Health Care Professional. Usually its nursinng.

I am responsible for this website.

My independence is essential

Over the last few years nothing serious has happened to me apart from witnessing at first hand the progression of my MS. In February 2012 I read a BBC article about disabilities, I quote:

People with disabilities don’t need pity. Instead a better understanding would be a start. We should be looking at how we like to live, trying to make it possible for everyone to join in.

This puts into words my hopes and the frustrations caused by my multiple sclerosis. Do you agree with these feelings?

  • I am reluctant to accept help from other people but I am getting much better these day
  • Now I cannot walk without help so I use a rollator or a very light and funky mobility scooter, called a Travelscoot.
  • I have ‘foot drop’ in my left leg so I now use a Functional Electrical Stimulator
  • I was a keen gardener and I am still an enthusiastic cook. Poor balance and restricted energy does not do me any favours.
  • I want as many people as possible to listen to the voice of the patient. I am a patient

I’m passionate as well as enthusiastic about both my independence and quality of life. Click here to read my journey and articles.