Go To Amazon

go to amazon

Click on the rusty car

Just click on the picture and that will take you into Amazon

Instead of clicking on the picture click on the blue text Mustard Wild Dining – Giraffe – Fun Dinner Plates.

Try either of these and a new window opens It is the Amazon website.

To can get to this page if you type aid4disabled.com/gotoam

You could even bookmark this page.

Shop on Amazon.co.uk

So now you will be in on-line Amazon shop, but this time you have gone via my website, aid4disabled.com. There will be no difference to you if you go into Amazon by typing in Amazon.co.uk or via my website, but please use my website.

The only difference

I receive commission of about 5% of the price for everything you buy but you will not pay anything extra. I cannot see who buys what.

I am an optimistic realist

Getting back to this page is very easy. All you will need to do is type in aid4disabled.com/gotoam and that will bring you back to this page.

I keep my fingers crossed

One last thing. I have absolutely no idea who buys what items so there is no need for you to look guilty when you next see me and you have forgotten to use Amazon through my website. None the less I hope you do.