Mobility Scooter Mini Alarm Security Device

Mobility Scooter Mini Alarm Security Device offers peace of mind. It is not always possible to take your mobility scooter into every shop that you have got to visit. Sometimes you must leave it outside. There is always that nagging worry that someone might make off with it.

Mobility Scooter Mini Alarm Security Device

Mobility scooter security & alarm device

This Mini Alarm Security Device can be used on ANY  Mobility scooter as well as mini moto, dirt bike, quad bike and motorbike. This alarm fits and protects ALL.

Steals your mobility scooter

Imagine been left high and dry and the loss of independence when someone one steals your mobility scooter. What can you do? How will you get home? Is it insured? Can you afford to replace it

This alarm has no external wiring for fitting. It has been designed with ease of installation and protection. All you need to do is purchase a 9v PP3 battery, positioning the alarm by either fixing with the provided sticky pads or screwing in place……This is all that is needed!

What could be more simple than this….  This alarm has been designed with simple installation in mind.

Product Description

  • Measures 50mm x 55mm (Small and easy to hide/conceal)
  • Power saving design
  • 2 x power saving remotes
  • Dual stage shock sensing, to reduce false alarms
  • Emergency override

Buy a Mobility Scooter Mini Alarm Security Device  now.

Some customer comments

  • Fitting is very easy and the remote helps you.But remember to turn it off after use to save battery.
  • For a security product that is so inexpensive it is very effective
  • This unit was purchased to fit on a mobility scooter. Fitting was extremely easy once a position had been identified.
  • …alarms specially for mobility scooters – brilliant

Stop opportunist thieves.

Buy a Mobility Scooter Mini Alarm Security Device now. It is a very efficient product.

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