OXO Good Grips Screw-Pull Corkscrew

OXO Good Grips Screw-Pull Corkscrew is easy to use.

OXO Good Grrips Screw-Pull corkscrew

OXO Good Grrips Screw-Pull corkscrew

Oxo have taken a traditional screw-pull corkscrew and put their own twist on it. It can now be used by people with weak wrists or a poor grip. Try it for yourself.

So easy to use

This corkscrew has a non-stick worm which glides smoothly into the cork. Just keep on turning in the same direction and the cork will be removed from the bottle. Honestly it is as easy as that.

There is a foil cutter, to cut the foil just give this a twist before twisting the screw into the cork. It is simple but effective and ideal if you have a poor grip

Technical details

  • Internal foil cutter with non-slip push tabs
  • Non-stick worm glides smoothly through cork
  • For all sizes of wine bottles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • You must grip the forks the slide down ther outide of the bottle firmly or you will split the corkscrew forks

Why not buy an OXO Good Grips Screw-Pull Corkscrew now. A wine waiter makes the complicated task look so easy when using a traditional folding corkscrew.  Rest assured the Oxo Good Grips version is so much easier and simpler.

Youtube video

Here is a video of a traditional screw-pull corkscrew. It shows you how easy it is to use, the OXO version is even easier.

Customer Comments

  • This corkscrew is so easy on the hands to use and does away with having to trap a bottle between your knees to get a decent leverage
  • This is the best corkscrew that I have ever used
  • Best thing since sliced bread!!!

Click here to buy a OXO Good Grips Screw-Pull Corkscrew now. I also think the

Warning – You do need to have a firm grip on the prongs that go down the side of the bottle when using the corkscrew.

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