Walking frame net bag

Walking frame net bag

Walking frame and net bag

I have to use a two wheeled walker to help me move around the house on the first floor. If I don’t use one I can’t walk and I fall over – so it’s a no brainer. I do not want to carry anything that does not fit in my pockets. This makes life a bit difficult. I recently discovered a walking frame net bag.

Even clumsy old me can attach it to my 2 wheeled walker. It’s great for hands free carrying and it also means safe walking.

In case you are wondering I use a Topro Rollator to move around on the ground floor. It has a tray with a non-slip mat.

Walking frame net bag

This is absolutely ideal for the two wheeled walker when I need to carry a few things with me such as book, magazine, glasses case and a newspaper. It has made a big difference to my life. The walking frame net bag means that both my hands are free to hold onto the walking frame. No more trying to walk using only one hand to hold on and the other holding a book. Incidentally I don’t recommend this idea.

It’s not a huge net bag

The walking frame net bag is not big. It only really takes a few light objects. It’s not designed for big bottles of Coke or bags of potatoes. It is a simple mesh fish net design so it is easy to see what you are carrying around. This is great for me because I have a bad short term memory.

Walking frame net bag

Walking frame net bag

Minor problem

There were no instructions to fit it. Nonetheless it is very easy to fit but possibly a little bit fiddly. The walking frame net bag is light but at the same time it is remarkably strong. The straps that hold it onto the walking frame are adjustable, its easy to adjust the length.


It has definitely given me more independence. These days I must use a walking frame or Rollator. When using either I need to use both hands to keep myself steady so the net bag will be very useful on my two wheeled walker.

Walking frame net bag

Mesh of the walking frame net bag

Final thoughts

Bags with a larger mesh are also available but I thought the finer mesh was more suitable.

When I use my two wheeled walker then this walking frame net bag is invaluable. For me it now means I can easily take small around with me from one place to another safely. I am unsteady on my feet and that is really important. If you are in the same situation then get one or recommend one to a friend

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August 2017

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