12 June 2016

12 June 2016Diary 12 June 2016

Here’s something to think about. It’s a quote from Mary Kay Ash, an American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

“There are two things people want more than sex and money; recognition and praise”.

In case you were wondering the Travelscoot that was for sale has been sold. I have removed the post.

Summer must have arrived.

I have started to wear short sleeved shirts. That was fine until I went up to London It was a hot and humid day, much more a mid-summer day than one in June. I had ridden my mobility scooter from Euston down to Queens Square, it takes about 10 minutes.

I was all set to ride back to Euston when the heavens opened. It was a tropical downpour that lasted for over 20 minutes. The rain came down in stair-rods, very impressive until you read that a month’s worth of rain fell in a few minutes. Two minutes earlier and I would have been caught in it.

The wet-room

The builders arrived in mid-March to build a wet-room :-)). We already knew about some of the preoblems. We were not converting an existing bathroom. Instead taking a corner out of an existing bedroom and bu9ilding a wet room. Putting in the sewage and water drainage was the fierst one..

The builders gave us a completion date of early April April when The Wife came out of hospital after her partial knee replacement operation. We thought it might overrun by a few days. Well its now almost the middle of June, eleven weeks after it was supposed to be finished. Will I will be able us it this week?

An accurate rule of thumb is to double any time estimate given by a builder. So two weeks becomes four weeks. In our case it has become 13 weeks. At least it’s a fixed price contract and not time and materials. The plan was not changed and it was not entirely the builder’s fault. Everything just snowballed.

Will it be finished this week?

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