An unwanted visitor

It all started at the back of my throat.

An unwanted visitor

An unwanted visitor

It was just a tiny tickle at lunchtime. I honestly thought it was my imagination. It had gone away by the evening, hurray.

Next morning, day two, it was a bit tricky to swallow but a couple of cups of tea sorted that one out. I just got a feeling whatever it was might, it be around for a couple more days.

Day three, I had to dig out some throat lozenges as soon as I got out of bed. My mouth felt dry and I had a horrible itchy throat. Two lozenges, two cups of tea and I was sorted but the tickle persisted so more lozenges. That night my eyes felt sore. I felt this health issue was going to more serious than I originally thought.

Day four the drip on the end of my nose started as soon as I was out of bed followed by a huge bout of sneezing. Found a box of tissues, the more I blew my nose the worse it got. I was starting to feel sorry for myself. That’s always a bad sign. Not one to surrender and retire to my bed I carried on but I was definitely feeling groggy and very grotty.

Day five, oh dear, it was bad news. I did not want to get out of bed. Change the ‘did not want to’ to ‘could not’. a much more accurate description of how I felt. I even had to cancel a paying gig so it was serious. In fact snuggling down under the duvet with radio 4 playing in the background was the only option I was going to consider. I grabbed it with both hands and dozed the day away. There was much snuffling and sneezing and my poor nose was very sore.

Day six, definitely on the mend but still feeling fragile. I had gone for 36 hours with only a cup of tea and throat lozenges as my sustenance. I was up and about but did not feel that hungry. Instead I read my book, a real page turner, deleted a few emails but I did not do anything else remotely strenuous. This is my version of pampering.

Day seven, back to normal. Yes I thought it was definitely a dose of the flu. I had not had anything like that for several years. Before you ask, yes I had been a good boy and got my flu jab from the doctor’s surgery in October, five months ago but this time it had not worked.

Was it flu or was it a heavy cold? I suppose the infection could have been from anyone. So far Barby has not gone down with it.

Stop and think for a minute or two. My body has been infected by a bug so my body temperature increases. I cannot function properly, no energy and all I want to do is to sleep. Somehow the body finds the unwanted visitor, fights it and destroys it. The result is I return to normal within a couple of days.

I never cease to be amazed at what the body can do to recognize and fight some unwanted invaders that upset the normal balance. Sadly there are other invaders that the body cannot recognize. Ummmmmm, will we adapt?

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