It started with double vision and that led to my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1995 but it had no impact on me or my family. I discovered that I had relapsing remitting MS and this morphed into secondary progressive MS in 1999/2000.

The progression of the disease was very slow. bit by bit it was nibbling away at me and what I could do; slowly my life changed. Now in 2014 I am disabled, medically retired in 2012 and I am running aid4disabled a website to provide information about MS and other progressive physical disabiities. I also give talks about MS

Looking back I can see that I had my first relapse in 1979 but it disappeared and I never went to the doctor. With benefit of hindsight I can see the progression of MS. RRMS for 20 years with just two relapses and since then SPMS has slowly taken my life away

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