Big Letter Yellow Computer Keyboard

big letter yellow computer keyboard

Big letter yellow computer keyboard

A Black and Yellow Big Lettered Keyboard is designed to help visually impaired people and those with poor eyesight. A big black letter on a yellow background is easier to see. This simple change will help people to see the letters on the keyboard more easily. Each key has a yellow background and the big letters are large and black.

Big Letter Keyboard

So much easier to see the big letters. The characters are twice the size of those on an ordinary keyboard, this makes them easier to read. This is a bi help if your sight is not perfect. The keyboard offers an excellent solution for those who struggle to use a keyboard with small letters.

big letter yellow computer keyboard

Big Letter Yellow Computer Keyboard

Black on yellow is a very good colour for people with impaired vision. It provides a good contrast The large black letters on the yellow keys look big and bright. This keyboard plugs in to your computer using a  USB plug. You could also use this keyboard with a laptop, just plug it into a USB plug. The big advantage is large black print and background colour makes it easy to see each letter.

  • This can increase typing speed
  • Less tiring visually
  • Easier recognition of each letter
  • The keyboard is Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Vista/ XP compatible

Effect of Low Vision

Low vision often makes reading a difficult task in the following situations

  • If only a reduced amount of light can enter the eye
  • When the image on the retina blurs
  • The central portion of the retina (the macula) needed for reading is defective

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Customer comments

  • I noticed a colleague at work was struggling with his typing and queried him. He had a visual problem made worse by the office lighting. I ordered this keyboard and it’s changed his worklife experience
  • It has all the features needed and because my husband’s eyesight is failing ideal for him. Brilliant!!!!
  • I think this item is first class, easily seen and extremely simple to type with as the letter stand out in the bight yellow colour

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    I need to know I can get one if this can’t see good at ya and how much are they

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