British Summer Time Returns

British summer time returns

Last full weekend in March

The last full weekend in March, British Summer Time returns 🙂 . The clocks go forward an hour and everything else takes a great leap forward. Finally its bye-bye to winter, Spring is now well under way.

British Summer Time returns

In the woods and the garden there are signs that everything is waking up.  Take a look at the motorway verges as well. For me it is the longer days and more sunshine. No need to wear so many layers when I leave the house on my mobility scooter to go shopping or take a trip into London.

As I look out of the window I see sunshine and hear the happy sounds of children playing in the garden next door. Everyone seems happier, there is a smile on people’s faces and this includes me.

Wander  in and out of the house

The Wife and I can turn off the central heating and leave the back door open.  Now we can appreciate the outdoors. The dogs are free to wander between the house and the garden.

Short walk

For me there is another change and it is a change for the good. Suddenly I have the urge to go outside and take exercise with my rollator. I have already started doing some lengths along the little flat road next to our house. The first two or three times it was an effort to walk just two or three lengths. Already its a bit further, four lengths yesterday.

Going out in the winter seems to be such as effort. If its isn’t too cold it’s really windy or else its raining. The cold damp wind cuts through your clothes like a hot knife through butter, chills the body. It’s just so much more civilised and easier to get out now its warmer.

Better than nothing

OK so my exercise is not Fstrenuous,  starting at 300 metres and  aiming to reach a 700 + metre walk and that will take me more than half an hour. It certainly isn’t aerobic exercise but getting out is good for the bones and I might even get a bit of Vitamin D as well.

So the MS feels better as it starts to get warmer and the days get longer but its all relative. I’m still disabled and totally dependent upon other people 🙁

April 2016

4 responses to “British Summer Time Returns”

  1. Richard Leakey says:

    Summer time is great. The weather this week has been great. This week I have had a bonfire, cut the grass with the sit on( it started well after the long winter break) did a little weeding and then collapsed back onto my buggie for a rest. Legs not functioning but have signed up for golf on Tuesday. I tripped over in the dining room today and nearly knocked off all the plates and bowls on the sideboard! Talked again about FES before I have an accident……..but are you aloud to drive with it?

    • Talk to your FES supplier about driving. FES should stop you trying to smash all the crockery as you take an unexpected nosedive onto the floor

      Good luck with the golf. Gardening is a non starter because of my balance or lack of it. Cannot use spade or fork to dig a whole cos I fall over. Really miss it

  2. John Cowburn says:

    I’ve noticed more deterioration in the last 2 weeks, I would think it unlikely I can walk 300 metres, never mind 700! By about 100 metres both my feet would be dragging on the floor too much to be able to continue! Your bit in your email about MS being like an iceberg slowly melting is spot on!

    As you say, it’s a lovely warm sunny day today and I’ve been out in the garden today watching my wife do the jobs I used to! Messing about in the garden doing this and that may be a small thing but I really do miss it. Having to use both hands for my sticks means I’ve no hands left to do this or carry that!

    Quick question: what are the 3 products you are undergoing trials for?


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