Buy a stick, lose a stick and find a stick

Leki Walking stick,

Leki Walking stick, buy it, lose it then find it

I’m hopeless, I admit it.

I scatter my possessions here, there and everywhere. I don’t know how many times Barby has sat me down and said that I must sop stop forgetting things.  I must check that I always have my possessions with me. I agree, I need to learn how to remember things. I need a simple strategy to improve my memory

She thinks she has given me a fool proof strategy. Its all very well but I’m a bloke so I cannot do more than one thing at a time. How can I remember the strategy when I have to think about walking and keeping my balance.

There are four things

I’m pretty good at remembering the basics – phone, wallet, man-bag and business cards. Mind you I think the local branch of Waitrose knows what my wallet looks like by now.

I had to give a talk at Amersham hospital

So what happened this time, I had to go to Amersham by taxi, a long story which I won’t go into. I left the house with the following possessions; rollator, walking stick, and the basics. The talk was based on the patient experience, it went well, telling health care workers about having multiple sclerosis through the eyes of a sufferer. My talk included how I cope with getting around, demonstrate my rollator and how it helps me.

Oh no not again

Proceedings started at about 9 and finished just before 11. I then had to get back to Berkhamsted to meet someone at 12. As I was paying the taxi driver there was that moment of panic immediately followed by that sinking feeling, oh no not again. This time it was my walking stick, I had only bought it a week ago and I had left it in the lecture room at Amersham.

I remember checking for the basics before I left the room. Something made me go back in again for a final check. I picked up a cheap biro that was mine but I did not think to check for my stick. Why not? I just wish I knew.

So last week it was my glasses and now a walking stick.

It sounds easy so easy

Why do I forget things? I have a bad habit of not putting things back. Finally I learned to put my wallet into my back pocket and not leave it on a table. Before I leave anywhere I must stop what ever I’m doing, say to myself what did I bring out, then check if I have everything. It sounds easy so easy.

I must learn to de-stress or relax

It all goes wrong when I get flustered or if I’m in an environment that is new to me. So I must learn to de-stress or relax. I will give it a go and let you know know how things go from here.

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