Daffodil ULT300 Dual Powered USB Light

Daffodil ULT300 Dual Powered USB Light

Daffodil ULT300 Dual Powered USB Light

The Daffodil ULT300 Dual Powered USB Light is a very versatile lamp. It can be powered by battery, from the USB port on your computer or even using a USB adapter that is plugged into an electrical socket. This light is flexible, use the clamp so you can place it onto any convenient surface. The brightness of the light can be varied. It is very easy to use this light without disturbing other people. It has a flexible ‘Goose’ neck so you can point it to exactly the correct area.

Daffodil ULT dual powered USB light

Don’t forget LED bulbs are environmentally friendly, they are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs and they do not get hot. The light can be directed at what you are looking at. This is a very useful and versatile light to have in the house.

USB portable LED light

USB portable LED light

Significant points to consider

  • 3 Brightness Settings – Toggle between low, high and medium light as required
  • Flexible Neck so you can direct lighting onto your keyboard or book without disturbing others
  • Clamp to clip the the Daffodil light to headboards, desks and tables. save on desk space by using the clamp
  • Can be used as a torch to look in dark cupboards
  • The light can be plugged into your PC or as a battery powered reading light or use a USB adapter plugged into the electricity mains

Some customer comments

  • Having a spring loaded clamp built in, it supports its own weight easily
  • The flexible head is great for projecting the light in the desired direction
  • The clamp is good for the weight of the lamp and has a good enough grip to avoid it slipping off.
  • The light is certainly bright enough, so it does the job well. I like the fact that you can alter the brightness
  • Ideal for sitting on the desk or clipping onto the laptop.Portability on battery power ideal for “searching”.
  • Good value for money.

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2 responses to “Daffodil ULT300 Dual Powered USB Light”

  1. Lee Seibenick says:

    Can this light work independent of a battery? Does it always have to be plugged in? I am not fond of using batteries. Can it hold a charge?

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