Daylight Desk Lamp

Daylight effect desk lamp

Daylight desk lamp

The Daylight Desk Lamp  is designed as a contemporary table light. The functional lamp makes life easier for people who have limited sight or poor vision. The lamp offers maximum flexibility. The big advantage is that you can position the light exactly where you need it.

So flexible

You can use it on a desk or on a bedside table. It comes with both a heavy base and a table clamp so you can choose which ever is suitable at the time. So you can use it on any work area or attach it to a book shelf.  It is supplied with an 11w daylight energy saving tube, this is equivalent to a traditional 60 watt bulb.

Dayligh desk lamp promotional video

Daylight desk lamp

You can angle the light very precisely so if your sight is not very good this will improve your quality of life. The light will not disturb other people. The base is about 7 inches or 18 cm diameter It is 30 inches or 75 cm maximum height

Not only is it a very functional lamp but the design and look of it is good. Its a 21st century take on the old angle poise lamp used by every student, myself included.

It is possible to order replacement tubes from the RNIB, they might be cheaper cheaper than elsewhere. You do not need to qualify as blind to make purchases from the RNIB This can be done over the phone.

Exceptional quality

I think it is a very good quality lamp with a long reach and a quality light source. I use it at home for both work on this website and reading books.

This daylight effect desk lamp is available in black and white, buy one now.

Customer Comments

  • I bought this after my husband started saying that he couldn’t read in bed. He can now!
  • Doesn’t give off a lot of heat so can be used quite close up.
  • Literally, the best desk lamp I’ve ever used in my life.
  • The typical yellow light I had on my old desk lamp didn’t illuminate my workspace nearly anything as nicely as this lamp.

Click here and buy a Daylight Black Desk Lamp D33041 with Energy Saving Daylight Tube.

April 2013

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