Disability Hate Crime

disability hate crime 2Sometimes disability hate crime is known as disability abuse. I have heard and read stories about this appalling behaviour.

Legal perception

We all disapprove of disability hate crime but how many cases actually come to court and how many lead to successful prosecutions? Sadly very few come to court and even fewer lead to a successful prosecution.


Do the police take disability hate crime as seriously as other types of crime? The government must start to convince disabled people that disability hatred is no longer acceptable.

Legal problems

Are the disabled perceived as an easy target? If someone is physically disabled then the chances are that the abuser can outdistance them.  If the abused has learning difficulties then the problems are mind boggling. Realistically there is no chance of the case coming to court and then someone has got to prove the case.

What is newsworthy

The problem is this; disability hate crime isn’t good news. What is? Well I think dirty old men who have a grope are probably number one. I think that is closely followed by divorce cases where one side has to pay the other side an unbelievable sum of money. What chance is there of a case where a disabled person discovers the wheels of their wheelchair have been slashed to ribbons?

disability hate crimeUntil a serial abuser of disabled people is identified these cases will always be buried. What have we got to do?

To my mind the problem is fairly simple. Lots of other groups are already talking about disability hate crime but it isn’t newsworthy. To put it another way, it isn’t sexy news.

Make the problem known

How do we bring this problem to people’s attention? How do we make it headlines in a widely read daily newspaper like the Daily Mail?


Well I could go out and look for attractive young ladies in wheel chairs and mug them. Funnily enough that is not how I would ever want to pass the time. So the challenge is to find a number of attractive young ladies who have suffered from disability hatred while in their wheelchairs. Do we have any volunteers?

Maybe I have been a tad light hearted, please forgive me. It is not politically correct (PC) to beat up a prson in a wheelchair. Nor is it correct to verbally abuse someone who is using their crutches to help then walk while they out shopping. Yet this happens.

Change public perception

A disabled person deserves respect. How do we make Mr Jo Public aware that disability hate crime is not a good idea?  If he does try it out then he could easily end up in court, be found guilty and serve a prison sentence.

There is nothing wrong with the law; it is people’s attitudes that have got to change. Fifty years ago abusing ethnic minorities was considered to be OK now it is definitely not PC. When will disability hatred be seen in the same light?

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