Do these help?

Being an MS sufferer is no joke, I should know.

If you have MS there are so many items out there that can make your life easier. People seem to be so unaware of what is available. Here are some of my helpful tips to reduce the levels of stress in day-to-day life. Do these help? Could they reduce your stress levels?

Five items to make your life easier

Some of these items could help you

Some of these items could help you

Here is a list of the top five items that make my life easier. Could they make your life better and more enjoyable? Finally you can tell me a few things that are essential to life but please no pills, medicines or wacky diets.

Seen the film, got the tee shirt

I’ve just been talking to a woman, who is also on the ASCEND trial. She’s intelligent as is her partner and they have both been suffering from MS for several years. So many MSers have a bladder from hell and he is one of them, it’s nothing like the original model. Whenever he goes out shopping he is constantly on the lookout for the nearest loo. He dreads getting stuck in a traffic jam.  I used to play that game; it’s not a lot of fun.

Intermittent self-catheterisation

He has accidents because when he needs a wee the loo is too far away or the disabled loo is locked even though it’s empty. His life is dominated by his bladder; he accepts it as an MS problem. I mentioned using a catheter and her response was ‘You mean a permanent one, ugh. No he won’t like that’. I explained that I meant something much, much simpler; intermittent self-catheterisation. Neither of them had heard of it.

Avoids embarrassment

I didn’t go into the details but said it’s really easy; speak to your MS nurse. Since I started over 5 years ago I’ve only had a handful of accidents. Before then I was embarrassed far too often.

I went on to say that disabled toilets are almost always locked but you need a RADAR key. ‘A what?’ she said. I explained that you order them through the internet and they guarantee access to all disabled loos.

‘If only we had known about these things, life would be so much easier’. OK, you get the drift. Using the benefit of my experience I will now list the five top items I could not manage with out and why

Some items that might help

Some items that might help

1) MusMate

Definitely number one on the list. I have foot-drop and it lifts my left leg off the ground when walking. Without it I would really struggle to move. Yes, it appears extremely primitive but it works.

2) Catheters

There are catheters for intermittent self-catheterisation. I use the 14” ones and the compact ones. Now I can lead an almost normal life.

3) Travelscoot

I am no longer allowed to drive, it’s not recommended if you have double vision. Not being able to get into a car and drive off somewhere is a real life changer. The trike (the travelscoot) offers independence. Its light (18 Kg) so you can lift it onto a train, does not make you feel disabled and it folds down to the size of a golf bag. When kids see it they ask their Mum or Dad if they can have one.

This is a tweet from a Twitter follower. She has a Travelscoot – ‘@aid4disabled it’s changed my life I LOVE it. You are still welcome to try it out. Suggest some dates and I’ll get back to you’.

4) Rollator

I can only walk unaided by ‘furniture walking’. The 4 wheeled rollator gives security and balance. It includes a seat and a bag for the shopping.

5) Disabled persons travel passes

Third off all train travel and buses are free. Patrick must save over £ 500 every year,


You will find articles about all of these items on the website. Search the website using the search bar it’s at the top on the right hand side.

Your No 1 essential aid

So what do you have that helps you live with your disability? Everyone has something that is absolutely vital. Write in and tell us what they are and why?

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