Ergonomic Ring-Pen


Ergonomic ring pen

Ergonomic ring pen

Ergonomic Ring-Pen is the real deaL. The pen fits comfortably over the finger of your choice and this takes the stress and pain out of writing.One finger goes through the ring creating a solid grip and the ergonomically designed barrel provides a natural resting place for the writing finger. The barrel fits snugly between two other fingers so there is no pressure and no pain.

It will help people who are losing the fine muscular control necessary for writing, typically those with multiple sclerosis. It will also help people who have great difficulty in handling conventional pens  .

It has been proved to aid sufferers of Arthritis, Raynaud’s and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. This is an excellent pen for anyone who has limited grip or has difficulty holding a normal pen.

Ergonomic ring pen

Ergonomic ring pen

Buy an Ergonomic Ring-Pen right now. it makes writing easier and more legible.

Some customer comments

  • My father has always had superb writing but now has arthritis so was frustrated that writing was difficult. This has solved the problem.
  • The pen is certainly easy to use and makes writing more comfortable.
  • The motor control is quite simply better. It is comfortable, light, and your hand doesn’t ache.
  • The ring pen was simply easier, bigger letters, finer writing which deteriorated less and could write faster.

Click here to buy an Ergonomic Ring-Pen right now. It makes writing easier and legible.

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