Everything is a compromise

Everything is a compromise

A rundown falling apart bus shelter?

Everything is a compromise. If you stop and think for a minute or two then its true. I have just seen an article on the BBC Website about a 1930’s bus shelter in Reading.

It is definitely not fit for purpose. Quite a few of the windows are broken, guttering looks as if it needs replacing and no doubt quite a few tiles are missing from the roof. So lets tear it down and replace it with something new.

Hold on a minute, this bus shelter was moved from a location on a coastal promenade in the 1930s. It still has the old Reading Transport colours of crimson and cream and is made of brick, wood and glass panels. So it has historical interest. If you look at the picture you will see it is built on a concrete plinth so its non-compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act. Another problem, the shelter is not a listed structure.

The cost of restoring the bus shelter will be significantly less than knocking it down and replacing it with standard modern bus shelter. Most people think the new bus shelter is unattractive and not as many people can shelter in them either.

The campaign to save the shelter follows calls to save other historic features. This includes the lido in the town’s Kings Meadow and a failed council bid for funding to preserve the 12th Century Reading Abbey ruins.

“The shelter is part of our historic past, it is unique and with a bit of TLC could look great,” explained Cllr Cumpsty, a Reading councillor. “Knocking it down is not going to save any money.”

I think it should be saved, a ramp to the plinth would surely make it compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act. What do you think? I would love to hear from a reader who lives in Reading and might know about this bus shelter or even someone who just has an opinion.

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