Feels like I’ve been mugged

Wilhelm Uhthoff a German ophthalmologist

Have you ever felt like you have lost a day? It feels like jet-lag, losing  contact with time. No I was not hit over the head, nor have I flown to Hong Kong. Much more boring than that, I have had another taste of Uhthoff’s phenomenon. I’ve talked about it in the past but I’m sure you have forgotten what it is. Basically when I get a temperature the impulses do not go along the nerves. With me my legs do not function, I would call it the bitch in MS.

Just did not want to get up

So what happened. 8.15 Thursday morning, alarm goes off and I felt good, as if I had had a good night’s sleep, but my whole body is so stiff. I stretched my legs but they weren’t connected. After three attempts I manage to sit up in bed and try to do some neck exercises, end up flopping back onto the bed. Another  5 minute snooze, I just do not want to get up – I’m sure you know that feeling.

I flopped back into bed again

Try again, eventually I manage to sit up, muscles in my chest are tight. My right leg, I could sort of tell it what to do, my left leg is a lost cause, mind of its own. I finally got out of bed, a  very slow process but after two minutes I flopp back into bed again. No alarm bells rang, I’m not sufficiently alert to be concerned. It was down to Barby.

Sounds like Uhthoff’s phenomenon

She told me to feel my forehead, it was hot. I took my temperature, its 38.1 Oh dear sounds like a spot of Uhthoffs phenomenon. It was only then that things click into place. 2 Paracetamol to bring my temperature down. Drink lots of tea and lie on top of the duvet. A couple of hours later, temperature of 37.4 I sort of felt like getting out of bed. Stagger down to the kitchen, definite double vision, legs behaving better, I had a bowl of muesli and a cup of coffee

Feeling marginally better now

All day I’ve felt out of sorts, mega hangover with out the pain. Its 7 pm,just taken my temperature, its 37.6. , normal is 37. Taken a couple of Paracetamol that should bring my temperature  down to normal. Typing skills are dreadful, got the shakes, I think an early night beckons and no 4N breakfast meeting tomorrow morning. Feeling marginally better now.

Night night!


I went to upstairs, go to bed and it suddenly got worse. Asleep by 9, woke up at 10 on Friday, Uhthoff’s phenomenon has gone but I do feel like a delicate porcelain figurine.

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