Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp

Flexi-vision floor lamp

Flexi-vision floor lamp

The Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp is an exceptionally good day-light effect reading light. The fluorescent daylight bulb has low energy use. Consequently there is less glare and it improves contrast allowing you to read and write for longer. It will really does relieve eye strain.

Flexi-vision floor lamp

This light is the result of extensive research and collaboration with specialists to help people with poor sight or limited vision. In fact it is ideal if you suffer from poor vision. It is one of the safest lamps on the market with clear on/off switch location, anti-trip cable holders and low heat shade. Easy to adjust the height and a heavy base for stability.

With the new multi-swivel system and flexible arm, you can direct the light exactly where you need it. Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp is also one of the safest lamps on the market. The heavy base makes the whole lamp very stable.

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Convenience of the light

  • The Flexi-vision Floor lamp gives day-light lighting and provides good contrast which relieves eye strain. These features make it the ultimate reading lamp.
  • The 20w DaylightTM energy saving bulb reduces glare and improves contrast
  • The new swivel system and flexible arm, allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it
  • Clear on/off switch
  • Anti-trip cable holders
  • Heavy base provides stability
  • Low heat shade

The Daylight reading light was designed in conjunction with RNIB. The daylight bulb makes reading much easier and the light is brighter consequently there is less strain on the eyes.

Why is it good

A huge amount careful thought went into the design of this floor standing light. The switch is in a convenient position. The cable is a good length. You can alter the lamp height as well as the angle of the head. It has a heavy base giving it stability as well as making it difficult to knock over accidentally.

Customer comments

  • Welcome to the joys of the compact fluorescent daylight bulb
  • I can again read small print in newspapers without difficulty
  • Have just been diagnosed with early cataracts & the thing I notice most is how much easier it is to read, especially small print, in daylight.
  • I bought this lamp because my sight is deteriorating with mypopic degeneration and the beginnings of cataract. I am delighted with the improvement in my ability to read and do close work.

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  1. Donna Flees says:

    Hey my Dad also has neuropathy in his fingers, so it’s hard for him to feel the little switch to turn on and off. How big is this switch, I’m wondering …
    Thanks so much!

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