Flower Pot Mover

The Gardman Cast Iron Pot Plant Trolley is an ideal item to use as a flower pot mover.

Garden flower pot mover

Garden flower pot mover

The trolley is ideal for moving heavy weight pots around the garden or indoors. This simple pot mover has swiveling wheels for easy maneuvering and will carry up to 100 kg of weight. It is made from cast iron.

Balance can be a serious issue when carrying anything. The garden pot trolley is ideal suited for use as a flower pot mover.

This solid Guardman trolley makes it very easy to move even the heaviest of garden pots. It has been tested to 100 Kg. My father had several of these and it made gardening so much easier for him.  He could not have lifted the pots as well as moving them. The Gardman Cast Iron Pot Plant Trolley enabled him to move them around the garden.

The attractive design is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The trolley reduces frost damage by improving drainage and reduces staining to patios decking and indoors.

It will be useful for many years

  • Recommended for physically disabled gardeners
  • Sturdy design to move big heavy weight pots around the garden
  • When the soil gets damp a large pot is too heavy to move by hand, its not easy to get a good grip.  Also if the pot is dropped it is likely to break.  A Gardman Cast Iron Pot Plant Trolley will avoid this type of disaster.
  • It will not be damaged by the bad weather or prolonged period of damp weather, i.e. an English winter
  • Sturdily built
  • It will last for many years

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Customer comments

  • Just the job for moving heavy pots around the patio and garden.
  • looks and feels quality.

2 responses to “Flower Pot Mover”

  1. Sue Ryzdynski says:

    I NEED ONE WITH A HANDLE for moving water bottles into my cooler. If I need to bend I loose balance, if I need to tilt a handcart with one foot off the ground, I loose balance. I cannot find anything that will help!

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