Game Using Only Dice And No Board

Game Using Only Dice And No Board

Game Using Only Dice And No Board

Think of a game using only dice and no board, they are few and far between. Here is a game using only dice and no board. It is a classic South American variation of liar dice. Its called Perudo. An exciting dice game of skill and luck.

This is a game of bluff

Knowing the odds certainly helps. You are trying to guess or workout how many dice of a certain combination are hidden. Is it true or is it a bluff? Its your decision, remember that a consummate liar does have an advantage!

Cash stakes not essential

Play Perudo anywhere, no board, no setting up and no complicated rules. It makes an ideal after dinner or travel game. This edition is durable and portable, so can be taken camping, on holiday even to the pub. It can even be a gambling game without cash, an interesting idea.

Game using only dice and no board

  • Simple things often work the best, this game is so simple to play
  • The game where you have to think about numbers and probability
  • Be very careful, this game is easy to learn, great fun and highly addictive
  • This version packs away neatly into a tin to protect it and make it more portable.
  • The full name of the game is Perudo in a Tin Game.

Great game

Perudo, it is so easy to play and so good as well – get one now. Interact with other people, use your brain, be a quick thinker. Actions that may well help to give you a better quality of life.

Customer comments

  • Great game for taking on holiday, or for whiling away the hours.
  • Fun to play in a large group of people and requires some thought too!
  • A real ice breaker, fortunately with simple easy to follow rules

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